Dr Alexander Thornton Smith BSc MBBS MRCS MRCGP

I graduated from King’s College School of Medicine & Dentistry in 1996 and initially trained in surgery & urology around London & Surrey. After making the decision to swap to a career in primary care (and wishing to escape big cities!) I came to Arundel before working in Orkney & India. I was lucky to be invited back to Arundel when a partner retired.

I maintain an interest in colo-rectal & urological problems and see partners’ patients with these problems if needed.

I also have an interest in clinical commissioning and spend one day per week working for Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group as a Clinical Lead in planned care. I have a strong belief that the NHS must survive and feel that the only way to ensure this is to be involved in shaping its future.

Outside work I maintain an interest in any sport that requires gentlemanly tweed rather than unsightly lycra. I enjoy testing my marriage by breaking down in a small collection of old cars & motorcycles and regularly run out of talent on my mountain bike. The rest of my time is spent wrangling three small children who seem intent on aiding my early departure from this mortal coil.

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