Our ethos

We believe that continuity of care is essential in general practice so that we get to know our patients and are fully aware of their problems. This means that it is easier for us to care for you effectively and better for you by not having to explain things to a different doctor every time you attend.

As such we are one of the last few practices in the area adhering to a system of “personal lists” whereby you are assigned to a specific doctor. Whilst this is viewed as rather “old-fashioned” these days, we believe that it offers you a more efficient, effective and personalised service.

However, demand for NHS resources grows every year and we now offer more appointments than ever, despite no increase in the number of doctors or resources. To try to meet this demand and ensure you can get an appointment on the day for an urgent problem, we offer an emergency surgery every morning and afternoon. We cannot guarantee that you will see your own doctor, just the next available one, but they will have access to your notes and will liaise with your own GP if needed.


Telephone consultations

It may be possible for your doctor to give you advice over the telephone. This will save you having to come to the surgery. If you think that a telephone call is sufficient, please let the receptionist know. The doctor will call you back after morning surgery but please be aware that the timing of the call may depend on how busy the doctor is and the urgency of the query.



We do not undertake consultations by email due to:

  • Potential confidentiality issues
  • The difficulty in assessing symptoms with such a format

You can, however send us information that we may need via email (e.g. home blood pressure readings) but please note we will never respond to these emails due to the above confidentiality issues. Our email address is fully secured and not accessible outside our surgery.

The email address for information being sent in is:

With your consent we may contact you by text with appointment reminders and upcoming events or announcements.

Repeat prescriptions may also be requested via email via


Out of Hours (OOH) service

Outside of surgery working hours any calls will automatically be forwarded to the NHS 111 service. NHS 111 will triage your call and you will be seen by a local doctor as an emergency if needed. Please bear in mind, however that this person will not have access to your medical records and may not be able to make fully informed decisions about care of ongoing conditions. We would therefore urge you to wait to see your usual GP with any non-emergency problems.


Hospital A&E departments

As the name suggests, these departments provide care for emergencies & injuries! Whilst we can patch up minor injuries, if you have a large wound that you suspect may need stitching or if you think you may have broken a bone, we would advise you to attend the A&E department directly. We would urge you NOT to use hospital A&E departments as a source of non-emergency healthcare – you will be seen by a junior doctor with no training in primary care.


Test results

We will always contact you if any tests we organise require action. However, due to the number of test results that are received every day, we will not routinely contact you if the result is normal or does not require any action. If you want to know the results of any tests, we would ask that you call in the afternoon, as mornings are very busy with patients booking appointments. Please note that blood test results usually take up to two days to come back (although some more specialised tests can take weeks), whilst X-ray results take up to one week.

The results of any tests requested by hospital doctors are NOT sent to us and we would ask that you contact the relevant consultant’s secretary for the results of these rather than the surgery, as we will be unable to help.


Referrals to Hospital Specialists – Patient Choice Navigators

When you need to be seen by a specialist, Arundel Surgery is committed to ensuring that whenever possible you receive a timely outpatient appointment at a provider of your choice.

To help you to make the most appropriate choice, we are working with a team of Patient Choice Navigators.

After you have seen your GP and together you have agreed that you need to be referred for specialist treatment Arundel Surgery will forward your referral to the team of Patient Choice Navigators at NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group. They will use the NHS e-Referral System (formally Choose and Book) to help you to make an informed choice. In accordance with the NHS Constitution, you have the right to choose when and where you wish to be treated and in a timely manner.

Your GP will provide you with a booking card and a telephone number for you to contact the team. You are then asked to contact the Patient Choice Navigators five days after seeing your GP so they can work with you to book a suitable appointment.

Following discussion with you, the Patient Choice Navigators will send your referral on to the hospital or community provider of your choice, who will then contact you to confirm your appointment. If you do not make contact with the Patient Choice Navigator within 10 days of the team receiving your referral then an appointment may be booked for you.

If you have any concerns or questions about your information being passed to the Patient Choice Navigators then please speak to a member of the practice team. Information will only be shared when you have agreed with your GP that a referral is the best course of action.