Practice staff

Practice teams

A full complement of staff are employed to support the doctors and patients. They have demanding jobs and at times work under considerable pressure.

Nurse Practitioner

Celia Knight (RGN)

Celia is an extremely experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a background in practice & district nursing as well as spending ten years working in a nurse-led Minor Injuries Unit. She is an independent prescriber and as such is well placed to see, diagnose and treat the majority of urgent medical problems such as injuries and infections in adults as well as children.

Practice nursing team

Melinda Diamond (RGN)
Julie Phillips (RGN)
Amanda Bell (RGN)

Our nursing team run clinics for the management of chronic diseases i.e heart disease, respiratory disease and blood pressure. They also undertake cervical smears, dressings, removal of sutures, ear syringing, family planning, minor injuries, leg ulcer clinics, immunisations and travel immunisations (we are a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre).

Melinda undertakes clinics for the management and follow up of patients with Diabetes.

Julie undertakes cryotherapy clinics (Liquid Nitrogen) as well as Diabetes.

Amanda undertakes clinics for follow up of patients Asthma.


Health Care Assistants

Clare Rogers

Gillian Kelly – Phlebotomy

Jay Sharman – Phlebotomy

Margaret Ipperciel – Phlebotomy

Support the nursing team in chronic disease management clinics, as well as undertaking ECG’s, blood tests, blood pressure checks / 24 hr blood pressure monitoring, spirometry and NHS health checks.


Medical secretaries  

Rosie Goodsall
Julie Webb

Aside essential typing and communication, they are experts at navigation through the NHS maze.


Data entry clerk/administrators

Mel Barnard
Margaret Ipperciel


Patient Care Advisor’s/administration team

Michelle Carlyle leads our team of Patient Care Advisers. Aside making appointments, they answer queries, give investigation results and perform many administrative tasks. At times, it may be necessary for them to make personal enquiries, on behalf of the doctors. This is necessary to guide the doctors as to the nature and urgency of a medical problem. Please be assured, the Patient Care Advisers are bound by strict rules of confidentiality. They have a difficult job, so please be patient and help them to help you.

Carol Bird
Margaret Ipperciel
Eileen Bacon
Sally Newman
Kim Raymond
Jacqui Thomson
Riki Minifie



Steve & Andrea Courtney


Attached medical staff

Health visitor

Nicole Ainley visits the surgery between Mondays and Thursdays. She runs screening clinics and is able to offer advice in areas such as feeding, sleep and behavioural problems, postnatal depression and health education.

Contact number: 01903 276999


District nurse team

Nikki Bradley (case manager) leads a team of community nurses who manage patients at home, where appropriate.

Carly Jordan (Community matron)

The team offers advice and support to help patients remain at home and avoid admission to hospital. Specific nursing care includes the care for patients with life limiting illness and chronic diseases, dressings and the management of wounds/ulcers.

Contact number: One Call 01903 254789.


Community midwife

Amanda Crockford

A visiting midwife holds weekly clinics at the surgery and has regular contact with the doctors at the surgery.

Contact number: Maternity Unit St Richard’s Hospital 01243 788122


Mental health services


Vanessa Foden and Lauren Galloway provide talking treatments, including Counselling, Signposting and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to patients, who have been referred by their GP.  You can also self-refer to this service.

Contact number: 01273 265967

Mental health liaison practitioner

Mandie McKirgan provides follow up and support for patients who have been under the care of the Mental health services.

Contact number: 01243 623400

Carers Clinic

Mike Dixon attends on a Thursday PM once a month, Patients carers can book in to see Mike for Carers support and advice. Book with the Patient Care Advisers at the practice on 01903 882191.