Prescriptions generated in the surgery may be presented to any UK pharmacy but cannot be issued from hospital pharmacies.

Repeat prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions may be obtained by either:

  • On-Line Ordering. You will need to log onto:
    You will be prompted to create a log-in with the details provided to you on your EMIS Access registration form, which you can request from our reception team.After creating a log-in you will be able to order your repeat medication directly from your medication listed on our clinical computer system.
  • Emailing your request to: (This service will be phased out over the next few months).
  • Ticking the items required on the repeat prescription request (attached to all prescriptions) and giving it to your pharmacist or dropping it in the box provided at the surgery.
  • Completing a repeat prescription form here at the surgery

Please allow THREE working days for any repeat prescriptions to be processed. If you wish, we can forward the script to one of the local pharmacies for making up but please make this clear to the receptionists.

Please note we do not take prescription requests by telephone due to the risk of prescribing errors.

Repeat prescriptions will usually be issued for two months’ supply of medication. Longer durations are generally not prescribed in order to reduce waste if your medication is altered (The NHS currently wastes £300 million each year in medication that is thrown away!)

Some potentially dangerous medication may only be prescribed in smaller quantities for safety reasons.