Travel vaccinations

Arundel Surgery offers a full range of travel vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis options if you are travelling abroad. We are also a registered Yellow Fever vaccination centre.

Because guidelines for vaccination change all the time (depending on disease risk in various countries) we ask all patients requiring travel vaccinations to complete a travel questionnaire. This is then cross-checked against up-to-the-minute advice to give you peace of mind when travelling.

Please note, some vaccination schedules may need to be started at least a month before travel to afford proper immunity. We would therefore ask that you complete these questionnaires in good time to allow the vaccinations to be correctly scheduled.

Whilst certain travel vaccines are provided by the NHS, some are not and a fee is applicable.

For further useful information and good travel advice please visit:

Please find a travel form for you to complete attached here:  Travel Form PDF

Please complete this and drop into reception at least one month before travel.